okays i know my blog is dead .

gonna start my post now :) 1more days to our 2nd monthsary and 44more days to my 20th birthday . wahs its 2 head liaos . old old  .

progress of my 2 precious
boyboy is 3 years old lerhs and he's getting more and more big size till i cant even carried him .
jaejae finally knows how to walk lerhs . but he got a bad health .hope he will get well soon .

gonna stop here.


happy chinese new year:)

hellos everybody , happy chinese new year to you all .

just a short post to update .
i miss my boyf tons man !!!

LZJ iloveyou ttm :)



ohmind . sorry for not blogging for so long . was lazy to post . hhahas . nth much to post nahs . recently quited my night life job and started a day job lerhs . its a office job . hees . nice !! but tired cos must wake up early in the morning . maybe i not used to it bahs . but nvm i'll try to adat it . hhahahs . hmmms , gonna stop here lerhs . byes.



hmmms , life is still the same !! just feeling sickk this few days .
hais . kidney still hurts man!!! arghhh!! this few days seldom work lerhs i can say only 3-4 days a week . gonna stop here lerhs .


hmmms , why my life is so fuck up? dad went in again , jaejae costody might failed and boyboy needs a better school . why why why? i'm just only 19 and need to faced so many things , what i've done in the past why am i suffering now? arghhh!!!!!!! everyday not happy . relationship also cant last !!!!!!!! hais . i ruined my life myself , i cant blame anyone but i only can blame myself !!!!! hais . anyway , today is the day that my precious nephew is out of the world . woohoo , finally i'm a auntie . gonna stay awke till afternoon to go to kkh to visit sis with her fav food.

byes peeps !


new blog skin

finally done doing my new blogskin , thanks to choco for helping me with my new blogskin !! was at choco hse for the whole day  , no place to go . shall i go home ??